You’ll be surprised to see who, or what, Instagram’s newest fashion influencer is

Instagram News
• Instagram is expanding its hold in the e-commerce space. This week, the app began testing video ads that double as product catalogues, enabling users to purchase products without leaving the app. Birchbox and Revolve were among the first brands to try the new ad format.

Snapchat News

  • Snapchat has rolled out some significant changes this week with custom lenses, a new live format, and an entirely new app layout.
  • The new app layout has been met with some consumer criticism, despite Snapchat’s intent for re-hauling it for a better user experience.
  • The live feature brings Snapchat into a competitive live-streaming business that’s already occupied by rivals including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. It’s only available for broadcast partners at this time, so keep an eye out on NBC this weekend as they’re testing it out at the Winter Olympics
  • Snapchat’s Do Not Disturb and updated fonts also quietly rolled out a few weeks ago. By tapping and holding on a person or group, it lets consumers mute notifications from them so you don’t get constantly alerted but also don’t have to block them or leave the group.

Facebook News

  • According to AdAge, organic content from brands on Facebook is “a waste of everyone’s time” as virtually no one will see it anymore. Brands need to make the switch from quantity to quality and create “thumb-stopping” content that’s helpful, relevant, meaningful, and personalized. With this strategy, ad dollars can be allocated to almost every Facebook post, ensuring the right audiences see it.

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