Our Team

Marina Maher

Founder and CEO

Diana Littman

Executive Director and Chief Integration Officer

Joydeep Day

Chief Strategy Officer

Ted Sabarese

Executive Creative Director

Nancy Lowman Labadie

Executive Director

David Richeson

Chief of Digital Innovation & Influence

Carolyn Berke

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Matthew Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Amber Meredith

Managing Director, Consumer Lifestyle

Kelly Cacioppo

Managing Director, Health & Wellbeing

Jackie Widrow

Managing Director, Consumer

Lisa Talbot

Managing Director, Healthcare Strategy

Lisa Becker

Managing Director, Corporate Brand Practice

Bryan Pedersen

Group SVP, Director of Digital Influence

Jennifer Hayoun

Group SVP, Healthcare Digital Strategy

Edwin Endlich

Group SVP, Director of Content Marketing

Amy Inzanti

Group SVP, Director of Strategy, Research & Insights

Samara Finn

Group SVP, Director of Influencer Marketing

Lindsay Kamin

Group SVP, Director of Media Influence

Darren Bosik

SVP, Data Analytics