Our Approach

Our Approach

It’s all about changing behavior. We’re experts at applying the kind of influence that shapes perception and drives action. Simply put: getting target A to think, say or do B in order to benefit our clients.

Our Approach


Great content starts with a deep understanding of our target’s behaviors, barriers and triggers. This goes well beyond social listening — we apply behavioral science and social ethology to everything we do. We believe this is the only way to create and distribute content powerful enough to change how people think, feel and act.

The Art and Science of Influence

We don’t automate our recommendations, and we don’t sell influence by the tweet. We use proprietary data and analytics to identify the best influencers for our brands and their audiences. Together, we create content that earns its way into people’s hearts and minds, with a level of impact that’s impossible to match.

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Real-time Strategy and the Micro- Moment

More than just another industry acronym, our RISE Model (Real-time, Insight-driven, Strategic Engagement) leverages the true power of social: Identifying the perfect mix of Earned Media, Influencers and Consumer Advocates and amplifying these voices with targeted paid media to jump-start the virality of our message, while finding relevant micro-moments for them to be heard in ways that influence our audiences.