Strava Heatmap Shows That “Social” Fitness Trackers Represent a Privacy Threat

Fitness trackers made headlines this week as the Strava global heatmap, which draws data from popular Fitbit and Jawbone fitness wearables, made it easy to identify US military bases across the globe. This has led to wider concerns about the effects of fitness-tracking data, and its connection to social media, on personal privacy. In the aftermath, the US Department of Justice announced that it will update rules around fitness trackers.

Amazon Already Sells More Ads Than Snap And Twitter
According to Amazon’s 2017 numbers, its advertising platform outranks those of Twitter and Snapchat — falling behind only Google, Facebook and Oath. Its high revenue is attributed mainly to placements on, although newer placements within Alexa and Prime Video are beginning to gain traction.

Instagram Video Calls: Leaked Feature Hints at Huge Change for the App
A new leak suggests that, similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger capabilities, Instagram may soon allow for video chatting. A video call button would appear in the navigation bar within a chat. This communication enhancement would be a change for Instagram, where app use has “mainly revolved around the main central feed.” However, like many of Instagram’s experimental features, this may never launch. We will be following to see if this update comes to fruition.

Twitter Is Working on a Snapchat-Style Video Sharing Tool
Twitter is allegedly testing a new video feature, the latest in a series of Snapchat-inspired updates. The new video feature will reportedly cut the number of steps required to post a video on Twitter. The new product has no official release date and has not been publicly confirmed, but we will continue to monitor the story and provide updates as available.

New Meme Tells You What Kids These Days are REALLY Texting About

From LOL to ROFL, internet users share a tongue-in-cheek guide to acronyms used by today’s youth as related to specific topics.

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