S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G is Having a Moment

Every week, MMC’s “hive” of trend spotters share their HIVE FIVE, the top five up-and-coming digital, tech, social, and cultural trends to watch.

Started from Covfefe, now we’re here. In recent months there has been a rash of content online about the most common words that people are misspelling. These lists have been published everywhere from respected publications like the New York Times to PornHub’s social channels detailing the most misspelled searches on the site. This trend has been sweeping quickly because spelling and its challenges are relatable to everyone, even the President of these United, misspelled States. Everyone can think of a time they have made an awkward or embarrassing spelling mistake, so the topic is relatable to many. Tapping into trends that can resonate with large groups of people like this are always a good way to get followers and consumers nodding along.