What Else Are Millennials Killing? Apps.

After being accused of killing wine corks and napkins, now millennials have ruined phone apps. 

Millennials have been accused of killing several things, such as wine corks and napkins. The latest item on their hit list: phone apps.

The measurement company ComScore recently revealed that millennials are deleting apps simply because their designs didn’t appeal to them. According to their annual mobile app report, 21% of millennials eliminated “uncool” apps from their phones this year, in comparison to 2% of Generation Xers.

Comscore found a strong correlation between how essential an app is and whether it gets placed on a millennial’s home screen. If millennials don’t think an app’s appearance represented who they were, it won’t make the cut. This was the case even if the app served a practical need or purpose. These statistics show how important it is to understand the way millennials are using apps.

Comscore’s report also included important information about what apps millennials prefer. The most used apps for 18- to 24-year-olds are YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat. Instagram ranked fifth. Also, 35 percent of Millennials selected Amazon as one of three apps they can’t go without – the other two were Gmail and Facebook.


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