KIND Pops Your Facebook Bubble

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kindbars-1_custom-0d9ea6f61ce0fad9d81a2e0366e267f8f5ba51c8-s1500-c85KIND bars nonprofit wing rolled out the “Pop Your Bubble” campaign, essentially a tinder swipe on Facebook, except instead of connecting users with someone similar the brand connects users with someone whose world view differs from their own. The mismatch is designed to steer users to engage in debate and discussion. The intention is to have people listen and understand first rather than listen and respond.

This is a unique way of a brand adding value to an ongoing conversation rather than trying to insert itself in the actual conversation. This is authentic to the KIND brand which has a heritage in building bridges between people. As more brands try to get involved in political and culture conversations, KIND is a best in class example of a brand that’s doing it right.