Digital Trend Update: Mar. 10, 2017

News of Note:

#IWD2017Google and YouTube Celebrate International Women’s Day

While some brands remained in the heat of the fire on International Women’s Day (I.e. Uber andSnapchat following accusations of sexism in the workplace), others showcased their appreciation for women globally. Google chose to highlights 13 journalists, activists, artists and scientists in a slideshow Doodle. The company explained, “Although some of the women showcased in today’s Doodle aren’t household names, each made a mark in her own way. After all, that’s part of the original spirit of International Women’s Day: Giving a voice to women who might not otherwise be heard.” YouTube celebrated IWD with inspiring female voices, including Malala Yousafzai, Ellen Degeneres and Issa Rae under the hashtag #HerVoiceIsMyVoice. In the video campaign, YouTube elevated women’s voices by shining a spotlight on individuals while also asking people to share videos of women who inspire them.



twitter sensitive profilesTwitter is now marking entire profiles as ‘sensitive’

Twitter now cautions users when full accounts may potentially have sensitive content, including violent images or language. Twitter asks that users tweeting images containing violence or nudity flag this in the platform’s settings. While users have been able to request specific media be marked as sensitive in Twitter’s safety settings, account-level warnings like the below are unusual. This is another feature to help Twitter combat its troll problem, along with the 12-hour time out for accounts engaging in abusive behavior reported a few weeks ago.


Just for Fun:

matching couple

Couple married for 37 years preserves their love through delightful matching outfits

Every couple expresses their love differently. Some post lovey-dovey photos aggressively on social media while others get each other personalized gifts. Some just like to Netflix and pizza. However, one Japanese couple expresses their love by wearing tasteful, matching outfits almost every day. Considering they have been married for 37 years, maybe this is the secret to a long-lasting marriage that we’ve all been missing? The over-60 couple has become an international sensation thanks to their Instagram account.