Amazon’s New Social Network, LinkedIn Video, Snapchat Publisher & Facebook fan clubs

In this week’s Digital Trend Update Amazon launches a social network for spending money, LinkedIn could be changing the game with video sharing, Snapchat releases Snap Publisher and Facebook introduces ‘Groups for Pages’.

Amazon launches a social network for spending money

Amazon released a service available for all Prime members using the company’s app called Spark. Spark is a Pinterest/Instagram-like service that lets users upload images of themselves using products.  Other users can view those products and follow links to purchase those items through Amazon. The potential for user generated content and Influencer content to drive branded purchase is enormous here, though it complicates things for brands that want to remain balanced amongst retailers. This capability is something that platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have been trying to perfect to show brands why their advertising dollars should live on their platform, but have had little success.


LinkedIn video sharing could be a revelation

LinkedIn is incorporating a function for uploading videos in the next few months. Before this update, only a select number of LinkedIn influencers could create videos that showed up in the LinkedIn feed. Other users could embed YouTube videos or links to their videos on other sites, but could not directly upload to or house videos on the platform. This new function will come with the ability to access viewership analytics, including views, likes, and shares. Given the nature of LinkedIn, this would also create job-related viewer insights. As video continues to grow, this new element will not only benefit LinkedIn, but also companies who can use this update to target a larger audience, as well. LinkedIn has still not discussed allowing video advertisements on its platform, but many think this is an inevitable add to the platform.


Snapchat releases Snap Publisher: self-serve ad creation tool converts horizontal videos, websites into vertical video ads

Snapchat is making it easier for advertisers to create vertical video with the official rollout of a browser-based ad creation tool, Snap Publisher. This allows anyone with access to its self-serve ad-buying tool, Snap Ad Manager, to create Snapchat’s vertical video Snap Ads, whether or not they have any vertical videos to use. Other features include: an option for brands to pull photos and videos from their websites; 13 templates designed to make creating a Snap Ad as plug-and-play as possible; an ability to set times for the ad to pan from one part of the frame to another or to zoom in/out; and access to an automatic cropping and editing tool.


Facebook ‘Groups for Pages’ unlocks fan clubs

Facebook has globally launched Groups for Pages, allowing the 70 million Pages on Facebook to create their own distinct communities and feeds.  The launch could further their new mission statement to “bring the world closer together” and push it toward its goal to grow the membership of “meaningful groups” from 100 million now to 1 billion in the future. By pushing users to join and participate in Groups, Facebook gives them homes for the different sides of their prismatic identities. When thinking about Super Fans, this tool will allow brands to share exclusive content and better engage with them on a closer-level.  As this update is still new, it will be interesting to see once the features are up and running on a global scale.


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