It’s the first day of a new chapter at MMC.

Today is a big day! It’s the first day of a new chapter at MMC. It’s the day we unveil our new branding to the world and solidify our position as a creatively led, digitally driven company rooted in the power of influence.

From this point forward, we are everything you unexpected.

We will push harder, go bigger. We will help our clients challenge and transform their industries. We will be home to the most creative and passionate talent, and continue to break down doors and walls and stereotypes for our industry. And although we will be obsessively focused on the work, we will never lose site of the businesses we are helping to build.

Our new branding is just a symbol of the next phase of our journey. The real key to our success is our people.

They are MMC. And they will be the architects for where we are headed.

Come join us and let’s do big things together.