Black Friday Engagement Skyrockets

Black Friday Twitter engagements totaled nearly 785M, study says

Sprout Social, a social metrics system, estimates that Black Friday social media engagements surpassed 785 million, with a potential reach of 27.5 billion. Of these engagements, related to Black Friday terms and hashtags, over 60% came from mobile devices. According to Salesforce, social traffic to retail sites rose 5% year over year, driving home the importance of social media to the consumer shopping experience.

Google Trends, the site that allows tracking of the world’s web searches, has expanded its data results allowing users to explore search results in new ways. By pulling data from verticals like Google News, Shopping, Images and YouTube, the new filtering options give more angles into a search trend. There are now options to filter by geography, time frame and even pull in related videos people are searching for on YouTube. This update can be super useful as we research the latest trends and their impacts to keep our content fresh and relevant

Instagram News:

There are now 25M Active Business Profiles on Instagram

Instagram announced that it now has 25 million active business profiles, up from 15 million in July. The growth in business profiles may mean more competition for users’ attention as it could be harder for businesses to reach their fans organically, without ads. This is similar to an issue that Facebook blamed on the growing amount of content in its News Feed. However, given that two-thirds of visits to Instagram’s business profiles come from users who don’t follow that profile, this may not be the case.

YouTube News:
YouTube is Testing Its Own Version of Stories

YouTube has officially rolled out the Community Tab to all users, a feature that was previously released among creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. It noted, though, that a new video function is on its way as well. YouTube “Reels” are much like Instagram and Snap stories and allow creators to stitch together short videos shot from their mobile devices and add things like filters, music and text. Reels will be housed in a separate tab of the channel and last as long as the creator wants. We look forward to monitoring this new feature and its capabilities.

Twitter News:
Twitter is Testing a Feature That Shows How Many Are “Talking About” Tweets

In an attempt to provide increased social context around tweets, Twitter is experimenting with a new feature. The “talking about” metric shows under some embedded tweets when they appear elsewhere on the web, replacing the retweet and reply totals with one, cumulative total. This metric is a simpler, perhaps easier to understand expression of engagement with the tweets, but less granular. There is no guarantee that this change will roll out broadly, but we are interested to see how it is received.

 Snapchat News:

Snapchat’s Overhauling Its Capabilities

Following a disappointing third quarter, Snapchat has introduced two new ad forms: long-form slideshows as Promoted Stories and Augmented Reality Trial ads that allow people to play with the Augmented Reality version of the product overlaid on their surroundings. The platform is also rolling out contextual filters. The new filters recognize surroundings and provide related borders and stickers. The updates come ahead of a major overhaul of the Snapchat user interface, expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, which will include separate tabs for friends and branded content. Both of the new tabs will be controlled by algorithms. We will continue to monitor and provide an update on the new update when it is released.

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