2018’s Biggest Social Media Trends For Business

2018’s Biggest Social Media Trends For Business

Forbes highlighted five key factors that will impact how businesses use social media in 2018. They recommend investing in paid as Facebook has been testing a new “Explore Feed”, a sort of second-class stream for company updates. Forbes also emphasizes the importance of businesses tailoring video to their customers. Also on the list are QR codes, which are expected to make a comeback. “Millisecond marketing” will use AI-powered tools to allow companies to reach bigger audiences with more closely-targeted messaging. Finally, business software clouds will be increasing their social media presence. We will be sure to integrate these factors into our work and brainstorm new ideas with these trends in mind.

Snapchat News:
Snapchat May Force Users to Watch Three Seconds of Ads Before Skipping

Snapchat may introduce a new feature that forces users to watch at least three seconds of an advertisement before allowing them to hit the skip button. This is a potential solve to the issue that Snapchat’s youngest users watch ads for less than one second before hitting skip, causing advertisers to spend less money than they used to on the platform. The new feature would be a big step for Snapchat’s leaders, who have been hyper-sensitive about imposing ads on the platform’s audience.

Snapchat Looking to Publish Content on Third-Party Websites With ‘Stories Everywhere’ (Report)

Snap is developing a new program dubbed “Stories Everywhere” that will allow third-party publishers to embed Snapchat content on their websites, according to a new Cheddar report. The idea behind Stories Everywhere is to accelerate user growth for Snapchat, which has reportedly been stalling. Cheddar likened the new program to Twitter’s decision to allow the embedding of tweets in third-party websites.

Instagram News:
Instagram will now add ‘Recommended’ posts to your feed

Instagram’s feed will now show users recommended posts for them to follow based on those that have been liked by other accounts you follow. The new section, “Recommended for You,” is clearly labeled so as not to be confused with your own home feed and will contain 3–5 suggested posts. We will watch to see how users respond to these posts in their feed.

Instagram tests letting users post Stories directly to WhatsApp

Currently being tested on a small number of users, Facebook is enabling WhatsApp (which Facebook acquired in 2014) users to display Instagram Stories directly to their WhatsApp Status, with the same after 24-hour disappearing affect as Instagram. Reasons for this integration could be increased functionality of Instagram Stories, encourage greater usage of WhatsApp Statuses, and lead users to multiple Facebook-owned apps, encouraging usage even when the apps are not open. We are interested to see if this helps Facebook grow its overall engagement and traffic footprint, and the effect that it has on Snapchat and similar apps.

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